Thursday, 22 December 2011

Greetings from Mr Dutton!

Only one and a half days left till we finish in the studio for Christmas!! YAY!! Received a really beautiful card this morning from the mega talented Mr Ian Dutton!! He seems to be on a role at the moment, his work was recently featured on print and pattern.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Spotted in tesco!

Spotted my very glittery cards in Tesco the other day, the question is do you think there's enough glitter on them!! funny!Also saw my designs in social stationary which is a huge change from doing Christmas all the time!

Secret Santa!

So its deffo Christmas now, it's the studio Crimbo Bash tonight, we are all off to The Wardrobe in Leeds, we'll be busting some moves and getting VERY jolly!!
Yesterday was our secret Santa day at work and I got a lovely Gift from Studio Steve, which was surprising because I was expecting something rude and inappropriate with JLS on the box LOL!

And if any one was wonering where the reindeer go just before Christmas I found out last week!
Yes you guessed it IKEA!! They must have stopped off for some tea light candles and meatballs with the rest of us!!


Hey peeps! Well in a flash it's nearly the end of another year!! Its always our busiest time between September and January designing cards. But I got a lovely surprise this morning to find my Christmas designs for Cancer Research had been featured on Print and Pattern which makes all the craziness seem worth while!!