Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cards up your street- Print and Pattern Feature

Lovely to see some of my designs featured on Print and Pattern this morning, it's always a nice surprise!
There are a number of my designs in the new range of cards for Tesco 'Cards Up Your Street'.

Also featured on print and pattern were some juvenile cards I designed for  Tesco everday.

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Saltburn Yarn Mystery!

There has been something lovely going on near my home town of Saltburn by the sea! The wonderful and imaginative anonymous knitters of the north east have been busy creating a masterpiece to celebrate the Olympics! The amazing creation has been knitted to the railings of Saltburn Pier. The nice part is nobody seems to know who is responsible as it was done over night! what a challenge! It has brought a lot of smiles to the town! Well done to all involved!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Cards up your street!

Some of my recent designs in the new range of cards for Tesco 'Cards up your street'

Spring is here!!

Lovely illustration by AMMO

Well spring is here and I have finally come out of Hibernation!! It's been a while but the winter months are always the busiest for us greeting's card folk!
January was had me turning 29 and my little Maggie turning 4!
February had me bunged up and loved up! I loves valentines day but not the flu!
And well March has me smiling!! Had a lovely mother's day which was made even better by seeing Florence and the machine, she was amazing!!

Maggie is 4!

Awesome Florence in Newcastle!