Thursday, 2 December 2010

Secret Santa Day in the studio!!

Santa Has come early to our studio, Today was secret Santa day, £5 spend but what will he bring?? I had the lovely job of Santa's Elf this year and had to hand all the presents out!Poor Collette! Santa got stuck in the snow and couldn't deliver her present till tomorrow! Ok It's my fault I got Collette and was the only one to leave my present at home with the cat!!
Nick got a cress head, which I think looks a lot like him!!
Look at my little happy face!! Santa bought me Reeves & Mortimer dvd!!
Santa bought Craig Steve Wright CD, Classic!! Who's to cool for school now!!
Helen got Australian Dollars, Well she is off on there on Saturday, isn't Santa thoughtful!!
Steve and his Subaru mouse mat, nothing else would have done!!

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