Friday, 18 February 2011

Clever Bev!!

Had the lovely Bev come into the studio yesterday, it's always great to see her, she is a very talented little thing and we both share a love of all things vintage!! She always has something new to show us and well shes been a busy little bee!! Bev has felted this lovely little dog!!
Bev used a kit from Domenica More Gordon . (a bag of wool and a needle!!)
I can tell you now if you gave me half a sheep and a needle, with all the time in the world, mine would still end up looking like something my cat coughed up!! Clever Bev!! If anyone does have a spare sheep Bev is addicted now and it would save her handling barbed wire!!
Here are some of Domenic's actual work, they are so beautiful! Even Brad Pitt thinks so!!
Check out more of her Felted friends here!

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