Thursday, 7 July 2011


Hey folks, so all my time has been taken up recently on Pinterest, I'm addicted!!! Totally forgot to blog as all i can think about is Pin Pin Pin!!!! It's so easy to just get carried away, I think I've lost a whole month of my life just looking for things to pin!!! My favourite board I've started is
'Words that make me smile!'


  1. I like these :D Especially 'embrace messy hair' and 'You're in my inappropriate thoughts' :D Great finds!

  2. Hi Amy, wondered what had happened to you? I keep trying to get you to look at my blog, see if you can find me? I like your embrace messy hair too, do you just find these on pintrest or create them yourself? Oh and have you tried the new Banana malt loaf, and berry??? :D Yum!! Have a good weekend and come visit my blog, Lots of love Julie Pooly.X

  3. Love this post! They also made me smile!! I have recently started pinning and apparently I'm addicted, too. There are soooo many fun collections. *sigh*