Thursday, 2 September 2010

My work family!

I thought i'd introduce you to my little work family, there maybe only a few of us but together we are mighty!!! Well there are a few more than that but 'Guess Who' is mainly men with beards!! (there are no beards at my work!!!)
'The coffee run' one of the most scary moments of my day at work!!! We each take it in turns to make a round. Not only do you have to remember who's mug is who's and match it with de-caf, earl gray, black coffee or the half milk half tea etc... you also have to carry the tray of 9 full mugs through the studio, then through a set of double doors that don't push! I've been told several times there is a method which involves the little finger pull and foot wedge but each time I manage to just stand with my face against the glass with a look of fear on my face! I only choose to offer my services when everyone is on holiday, 3 mugs i can manage, just!!!

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