Thursday, 9 September 2010

Studio Bake Off!!!

What a turn out!!! Good job i wore my fat pants today and don't think I'll need anything else to eat for a week!! So we have Collette's cream tea, Steve's hedgehog surprise! Helen's scrummy brownies, Natalie's Whoopie pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David's very impressive Battenburg porcupine with liquorice moustache! (genius!) Shirley's Sticky Crispy Crunchies! And my Rocky Road!!
Yes no work has been done this morning, there is just to much tasting to do!
Even the leftovers looked good!!!...And the winner is??? Well not surprising Davids porcupine won on imagination and Helen's brownies won the taste test (seriously moreish and gooey thanks to Delia!)

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